Going Beyond the OM

Trust me, you don’t always need your mat to practice yoga. So if you can’t make it to your mat (or don’t want to) here are 5 ways to practice anyway:

1. Begin your day by setting a ‘Sankalpa’ (a sacred intention, vow or desire).

Before your feet even hit the floor, set an intention. A good way to do this is to ask your body and mind what it needs. At the end of the day, what will your body and mind thank you for?

It’s important to set your intention right when you wake up when your mind has not yet been clouded with the endless tasks and to-do lists for the day. Use it throughout the day when it starts to feel a little chaotic.

2. Be kind (Ahimsa – non-violence).

Always start with yourself. So what does being kind to yourself look like? Stopping to check in with yourself before you say yes –  Going for a walk –  Telling yourself ‘I love you’ –  Getting on your mat –  Trying something new – Taking a lunch break – having a quiet cup of coffee or tea.

Remember, you get to choose – Be kind to yourself.

3. Breathe (Pranayama – Life Force).

We have spoken about this before, breathing is one of the kindest things you can do for your body. Don’t underestimate the power of your breath. If you really think about it, breathing is a sacred experience. It should be cherished – your life literally depends on it.

Stop at least one time a day to breathe intentionally for 1-5 minutes. Sit restfully and Take deep inhales, soften the exhales that’s all you need to do.  Breath in through the nose and out through the nose bringing the breath to the back of the throat, and when you breathe out feel as if you are fogging a mirror with your breath. It starts what we call the Ujjayi breath or the breath of life.

4. Fuel your body with high vibrational meals (Saucha – purity).

Just like breath is our life force, food is our energy. Food has the ability to raise your cholesterol, create brain fog, fatigue, acne, and belly fat, to name a few.

Or, food has the ability to give you vitality, clarity and focus, balance your pH, level out blood sugar, reduce inflammation, and in many instances, maybe even cure some illnesses – all by what we choose to put into our bodies.

What we put into our bodies often influences other decisions we make, so honor the vessel. It is… the only one you will ever have.

5. Keep your space organized (Aparigraha – non-possessiveness).

Clutter creates chaos. A messy outer world often means a cluttered and messy inner world. We function at a higher level when our space is clean and workable. Think simple, and start small.

Let go of what no longer serves you. Toss it. That belief that getting health is too hard? Let it go. The next time you think you absolutely need something, think twice.

So the next time you catch yourself coming up with a million different excuses to not get on your mat, remember that yoga is a diverse, unique and personal practice – and it’s accessible to anyone, anytime, anywhere.

Namaste my loves,

I’ll see you Beyond the OM!!!

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Taking Your Yoga Practice Beyond the OM

It’s one thing to find a sense of tranquillity in a yoga studio, surrounded by beautiful pictures and statues, relaxing music in the background and the soothing sound of a teacher’s voice guiding you through relaxation. But what happens afterwards?

How do we take what we have learned in class and apply it to our life off the mat, or do we fall back into old habits like getting annoyed with fellow drivers, frazzled about deadlines at work, or cranky with coworkers & family?

As yogis, we have the opportunity every time we practice to learn something new about ourselves and the way we move, think, act and breathe. We can have some incredible “ohhhh” moments during class but the real benefits come when we can take those moments with us outside of the studio.

Where do we begin…here are 3 really simple but really effective ways of taking yoga off your mat and into your daily life.

1. Connect With Your Breath

Breathing is the most important aspect of life yet how often do we connect with our breath outside of a yoga class?! Become curious about how you breathe in the same way you would in a yoga class; tune in to your breath several times a day, notice the quality of its natural flow, and see how it changes at different times. The quality and flow of your breath will most often reflect how you are feeling internally, so if you need to, use that awareness to deepen and steady your breath to feel more centered and calm. This is particularly awesome if you are on your way to an important meeting, interview or appointment.

2. Notice The Position Of Your Body

You don’t have to be in a yoga pose to notice the position of your body and how you naturally stand and move. Think about the way your yoga teacher guides you to become more aware of your alignment during an asana, and use that same sense of awareness as you move throughout your day. You may be quite surprised at some of your habitual ways of holding and moving your body.

Take a moment to pause and check in with your body.  Do you favor one side as you stand, make adjustments and come back to a place of balance. Are you slouching? Roll those shoulder down & back.  Do you need lumbar support at your desk chair or car?  Take a note of that and make a change.  Are you holding unnecessary tension in your jaw, shoulders, or hands, then use the breath to soften and let go.

3. Create Space For You

One of the reasons so many people love yoga, is that it gives you an opportunity to take time out just for you. Taking that time for you sends a powerful message to your subconscious that you value yourself and your well-being — this will do wonders for your self-esteem. And you don’t even need to set aside 90 minutes of “me-time” to reap the benefits, as even just 10 minutes will have a positive effect!

Perhaps you take a morning coffee break even if you’re really busy at work, perhaps you get up 5 minutes earlier and do one yoga pose before breakfast, or perhaps you enjoy a nice hot bath instead of a quick shower when you get home. You really don’t need to wait for a yoga class to create that space for yourself.

There are so many other ways you can take your yoga off the mat and into your life. If you have any awesome ideas, feel free to share them in the comments section below so we can all benefit!

As always, I’ll see you Beyond the OM!!

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42-Day Total Transformation Challenge

We’ve Launched Our Amazing 42-Day Total Transformation Challenge

Do you feel stressed about gaining a few pounds over the summer? Maybe you’re not sleeping well, and you just don’t know how to begin to get on the right track. We’ve heard an overwhelming response from people just like you, who need to make a change. You want a different plan because what you have been doing just isn’t getting it done!

Together, we’re going to learn how to look and feel better than ever before by using our step-by-step program to eliminating stress, increasing your energy, and blasting fat while building muscle!

Your 42-Day Total Transformation Challenge Includes:

10-Day Detox : To jump start your wellness & fitness goals we start with a personalized detox Shred10. The remaining 32-Days of the program will focus on incorporating your new habits into your everyday to maintain the shift in energy unleashed in the detox.

Unlimited Workouts: We offer Unlimited Yoga Sessions with this program as well as 24-hr access to online workouts outside of the studio so you can easily fit the minimum of three required workouts into your busy schedule.

Complete 42-Day Meal Plan: We’ll teach you exactly how to eat so you CAN enjoy foods you love!

Personalized Goal Setting: Not everyone is the same! That’s why we’ll help you set specific goals based on YOU… and then create a plan to help you get there.

Before & After Measurements: So you can see how far you’ve come in such a short time. We love to use these to celebrate your success with you!

Accountability: We’ll be there for you every step of the way to make sure you stay on track and have everything you need to be successful. Our Weekly calls & Check-Ins are designed with your success in mind.

Daily Motivation: Every day you’ll be getting an email from us with motivation and encouragement to help keep you motivated and on the right path. Our communication will include, recipes, sleep tips, health & wellness information to help maintain your transformation.

Unparalleled Support: To us, support is EVERYTHING. We’re always accessible if you have questions or need anything, we’re here for you 110%.

Let’s do this TOGETHER! We’re ONLY accepting 25 new clients before October 1st!

Total program investment $535 *all in price

**Did we mention you are able to return any unused product for a full refund if you do not feel a difference in your body?

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I’m Ready!

The OM Team!

Jade Mats + Good Cause

Jades limited edition Pink mats are back in stock in support for Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October!

PINK is back! Our limited release Jade Yoga Pink Harmony mat benefits a very special cause:

Living Beyond Breast Cancer Living Beyond Breast Cancer (LBBC) is dedicated to assisting you, whether you are newly diagnosed, in treatment, recently completed treatment, are years beyond or are living with metastatic breast cancer. They provide breast cancer information and support to family members, caregivers, friends and healthcare providers. As a national education and support organization, their goal is to connect people with trusted breast cancer information and a community of support, regardless of educational background, social support or financial means. Jade supports LBBC by donating a portion of proceeds from the sale of our pink mats.

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Enhance Your Daily Practice with Yoga Crystals

There are many modalities of healing, of which yoga and crystal are just a few. And while many of us practice several healing modalities throughout our days, it isn’t too often that we combine different practices together into one extremely powerful, transformative, and healing practice.

The physicality of yoga combined with the spirituality of crystals allows you to deepen your practice with both yoga and crystals.   You may also practice yoga to help reduce anxiety and stress. Healing crystals have a calming vibration that can help relieve anxiety and stress, as well.

If you practice yoga for the physical strength and flexibility that it provides, crystals can help to enhance your commitment to your well-being by keeping you motivated and dedicated to your practice.   No matter the reason you come to your mat, merging yoga and crystals creates a powerful energy combination that deepens your yoga practice and heightens the transformational powers of your crystals.

This combination takes you to a deeper level of healing, creating a closer connection with your yoga practice, your crystals and, most importantly, your self. Once you incorporate crystals into your yoga practice, you’ll wonder why you haven’t been using them all along.

As with any crystal practice, knowing where to begin can be overwhelming. To make it easy, we’ve narrowed it down to the best crystals for yoga –– whether you are placing them at the top of your mat, holding them during savasana, or carrying them with you off of your mat and into the world.


Top 10 Benefits of Yoga for Women

Many people don not realize exactly how many benefits there are to yoga, especially for women. Many often skip out on doing yoga because either they feel that it is too hard, they are not flexible enough or they simply do not have time in their minds to worry about stretching out and becoming a contortionist.

The honest truth is, there are benefits to doing Yoga and none of them have to do with becoming a human pretzel. Yoga is simply about relaxing your mind, healing your body and restoring your soul. Do you want to know more? Here are the top 10 benefits of yoga for women.


Brain Fitness

A woman spends her day on the run. There are doctor appointments, meetings at school with kids or work, dry cleaning to pick up, and more. She needs a sharp mind to keep up with it all. This can be difficult to find due to all the stress and often lack of sleep that most women deal with daily. De=stressing and practicing breathing or meditative exercises are what yoga is all about and they can help you think more clearly.


Detox the Body

Yoga is the total body workout. By using different breathing techniques you are freeing your body of toxins that you are exposed to daily. This can be very important to ladies who are pregnant, trying to become pregnant or breast feeding. You clear your lungs of pollutants, clean and pump the lymphatic system which can prevent the spread of tumors, and strengthen your circulatory health which will keep your heart healthier.


Mental Awareness

Your day to day life probably needs your full attention. If you are stressed or not sleeping well, you are not going to be as alert as you should be. This means you may forget things or be slow in responding to situations. This will add more stress. If you could increase your mental awareness through various yoga techniques, why would you choose otherwise?


Improved Sleep

When you de-stress your body and your mind, you can improve your ability to sleep. Total relaxation is the key to a good night’s sleep. By laying down each night and practicing your yoga breathing techniques, you will relax and therefore sleep better than you have in years. When you sleep better at night, your face will show it. Simply imagine not having bags under your eyes.


Increased Energy

A better night’s sleep combined with a detoxified body means that you will have increased energy to get you through your day and all that you have to do each day. Your body’s muscles will be toner it will allow you to do more of the things you enjoy, either with kids or alone.


Inner Peace

Do you even realize how great it would feel if you could find inner peace? Imagine being able to focus on the areas of your body and mind that feel stress and learning how to make that stress go away. Your mind will be able to let go of yesterday and you can let go of your regrets about past decisions you made.


Stress Relief

Stress can make a woman old before her time. Stress and tension can cause backaches and headaches, frustration and make it hard for your body to rest. By learning various breathing techniques and stretches, you can relieve the everyday stress that you have on you.


Weight Loss

One of the obvious benefits of yoga for women is obviously weight loss and weight management. When you tone and tighten muscles as well as find other ways to deal with stress rather than eat, you will notice a decrease in your weight. Clothes will fit better and you will feel better. By continuing your yoga routine, you will be able to manage the weight you have lost in order to keep it off.


Your Hormonal Balance Restored

Women are hormonal. It is not a bad thing; it is just something all women must deal with. These hormones can cause infertility and other issues. Yoga can ease a woman’s transition into menopause. It can help ladies have clearer skin and decrease the tiredness you feel throughout the day.


Perfect Posture

Yoga trains you to breathe deeply and relax. It can help you learn to sit straighter in your computer chair and with the way you walk. This can eliminate backaches and other issues that come from slouching when you sit or walk. Some of the positions for relieve the backaches you already have while others help you to train your mind and body to sit straighter so that you never slouch again.

The benefits of yoga for women go well beyond the idea of flexibility. It is all inclusive and can even help to cure certain diseases. When you incorporate yoga into your daily life, you are showing that you want to improve every aspect of your mental and physical self.


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