Top 10 Benefits of Yoga for Women

Many people don not realize exactly how many benefits there are to yoga, especially for women. Many often skip out on doing yoga because either they feel that it is too hard, they are not flexible enough or they simply do not have time in their minds to worry about stretching out and becoming a contortionist.

The honest truth is, there are benefits to doing Yoga and none of them have to do with becoming a human pretzel. Yoga is simply about relaxing your mind, healing your body and restoring your soul. Do you want to know more? Here are the top 10 benefits of yoga for women.


Brain Fitness

A woman spends her day on the run. There are doctor appointments, meetings at school with kids or work, dry cleaning to pick up, and more. She needs a sharp mind to keep up with it all. This can be difficult to find due to all the stress and often lack of sleep that most women deal with daily. De=stressing and practicing breathing or meditative exercises are what yoga is all about and they can help you think more clearly.


Detox the Body

Yoga is the total body workout. By using different breathing techniques you are freeing your body of toxins that you are exposed to daily. This can be very important to ladies who are pregnant, trying to become pregnant or breast feeding. You clear your lungs of pollutants, clean and pump the lymphatic system which can prevent the spread of tumors, and strengthen your circulatory health which will keep your heart healthier.


Mental Awareness

Your day to day life probably needs your full attention. If you are stressed or not sleeping well, you are not going to be as alert as you should be. This means you may forget things or be slow in responding to situations. This will add more stress. If you could increase your mental awareness through various yoga techniques, why would you choose otherwise?


Improved Sleep

When you de-stress your body and your mind, you can improve your ability to sleep. Total relaxation is the key to a good night’s sleep. By laying down each night and practicing your yoga breathing techniques, you will relax and therefore sleep better than you have in years. When you sleep better at night, your face will show it. Simply imagine not having bags under your eyes.


Increased Energy

A better night’s sleep combined with a detoxified body means that you will have increased energy to get you through your day and all that you have to do each day. Your body’s muscles will be toner it will allow you to do more of the things you enjoy, either with kids or alone.


Inner Peace

Do you even realize how great it would feel if you could find inner peace? Imagine being able to focus on the areas of your body and mind that feel stress and learning how to make that stress go away. Your mind will be able to let go of yesterday and you can let go of your regrets about past decisions you made.


Stress Relief

Stress can make a woman old before her time. Stress and tension can cause backaches and headaches, frustration and make it hard for your body to rest. By learning various breathing techniques and stretches, you can relieve the everyday stress that you have on you.


Weight Loss

One of the obvious benefits of yoga for women is obviously weight loss and weight management. When you tone and tighten muscles as well as find other ways to deal with stress rather than eat, you will notice a decrease in your weight. Clothes will fit better and you will feel better. By continuing your yoga routine, you will be able to manage the weight you have lost in order to keep it off.


Your Hormonal Balance Restored

Women are hormonal. It is not a bad thing; it is just something all women must deal with. These hormones can cause infertility and other issues. Yoga can ease a woman’s transition into menopause. It can help ladies have clearer skin and decrease the tiredness you feel throughout the day.


Perfect Posture

Yoga trains you to breathe deeply and relax. It can help you learn to sit straighter in your computer chair and with the way you walk. This can eliminate backaches and other issues that come from slouching when you sit or walk. Some of the positions for relieve the backaches you already have while others help you to train your mind and body to sit straighter so that you never slouch again.

The benefits of yoga for women go well beyond the idea of flexibility. It is all inclusive and can even help to cure certain diseases. When you incorporate yoga into your daily life, you are showing that you want to improve every aspect of your mental and physical self.


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