Enhance Your Daily Practice with Yoga Crystals

There are many modalities of healing, of which yoga and crystal are just a few. And while many of us practice several healing modalities throughout our days, it isn’t too often that we combine different practices together into one extremely powerful, transformative, and healing practice.

The physicality of yoga combined with the spirituality of crystals allows you to deepen your practice with both yoga and crystals.   You may also practice yoga to help reduce anxiety and stress. Healing crystals have a calming vibration that can help relieve anxiety and stress, as well.

If you practice yoga for the physical strength and flexibility that it provides, crystals can help to enhance your commitment to your well-being by keeping you motivated and dedicated to your practice.   No matter the reason you come to your mat, merging yoga and crystals creates a powerful energy combination that deepens your yoga practice and heightens the transformational powers of your crystals.

This combination takes you to a deeper level of healing, creating a closer connection with your yoga practice, your crystals and, most importantly, your self. Once you incorporate crystals into your yoga practice, you’ll wonder why you haven’t been using them all along.

As with any crystal practice, knowing where to begin can be overwhelming. To make it easy, we’ve narrowed it down to the best crystals for yoga –– whether you are placing them at the top of your mat, holding them during savasana, or carrying them with you off of your mat and into the world.