Lexi Harrington is passionate about the benefits yoga brings to its practitioners. She believes that yoga elevates mental health, providing practitioners with reduced anxiety and an enhanced ability to handle the problems life throws at them; because yoga teaches students to breath and find calm during challenges on the mat, it teaches them to move through life’s challenges with more serenity and less emotional upset.

After experiencing the physical health that yoga has provided her with, Lexi feels yoga is the unparalleled exercise option for anyone seeking to strengthen and tone their bodies. After two years of regularly practicing yoga, Lexi found that she was stronger and more flexible than she had ever been before. She saw how yoga works the entire body and builds the muscles in every part of it, providing a completely full body workout. Along with strength building and toning, Lexi is a huge advocate of the restorative properties of yoga. Because yoga inherently creates flexibility, the practice is able to strengthen the body while enhancing the body’s longevity.

Lexi completed her RYS 200 Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training in January of 2016 and dove immediately into teaching. Since obtaining her certification, she has had the opportunity to teach at various yoga studios, college campuses, rehabilitation centers, Crossfit gyms, a country club and a Manatee observation Center.