Nina Rabiefarr

Nina Rabiefarr

Nina has been teaching yoga for several years and loves to share her knowledge and experience with her students. She hopes that yoga empowers each student, not only through pushing past their physical limitations, but also through gaining insight about their emotional/spiritual selves through the postures, their breath, and meditation.

Whether it’s finally being able to do a physically challenging posture that seemed impossible at first or finding a deeply peaceful place within the Self through meditation, she knows that each yoga practice is a journey, and the moment a student steps on the mat is the beginning of a possible transformation. 

Nothing makes her happier than to see the look on a student face after doing a headstand for the first time, or when a pain is gone that has been there for years, or to find within themselves a sense of peace they never knew they could possess.  
“Blessed are the flexible, for they will never be bent out of shape!” Nina loves this quote because it is about so much more than being flexible in our bodies.  It is about being flexible in our lives, our relationships and our interactions with ourselves and others.  Being less rigid, more open-minded and more forgiving. 

‘In this day and age, we all need to take a step back- to detach from the daily drama of our lives’.

True happiness can only be found within! This is the main message of yoga she hopes to help convey to her students. Loving yourself so that you may truly love others, despite the flaws; unveiling the beauty within yourself so that you may see the beauty within others. 

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